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7 Tips for Hiring a Software Developer That is Right for Your Business

Want to transform your company? Hire a software developer. That’s right. Hire software developer. Developers are game changers. They can increase your agility, boost competitiveness, and help cut costs. They also shorten time to market for launching new products and add valuable skills to your organization. Often, developers are the difference between successfully launching a […]

Build Security into Software Now or Pay Later: 9 Best Practices

Cloud computing. Big Data. SaaS. If you’re like many of today’s businesses, you’re leveraging these IT tools in your organization. And why not? They’re productive. They boost productivity, increase efficiency, and cut costs. Plus, they provide a healthy return on investment. But these advancements also present unique security challenges—challenges that expose your most sensitive data […]

Disruptive Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2018

Do you track trends in your industry? Savvy business professionals do. So should you. Otherwise, you could find yourself “locked out” of the marketplace with no remedy in sight. A new technology can quickly disrupt an industry, threatening your survival. Look at what’s happening with blockchain technology and financial services. These days I recommend tracking […]